Please note that we do not supply our products directly to customers. They are only for sale through our broad range of selected stockists and specialist retailers. Are you looking for a tack shop which sells equestrian supplies? Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with details of your local stockist.


Plain Fibreglass, lacquered, Fleck ERGO-Grip, spun lash
Willow, lacquered, spun lash
07017 CARBON composite
plain lacquered, COMPETITION-grip, spun lash
07213 CONTACT CARBON composite
blank, PU-Contact-grip, 32" spun lash with leather thong
07217 CARBON composite
blank, slim super sticky wrapped grip, 32" spun lash with leather thong
07046 CARBON composite
Training-whip, 3-or 4-part telescopic, spun lash
07045 CARBON composite
2-part telescopic, plain lacquered, Golf-grip, spun lash
professional MARATHON, CARBON composite, nubuck-grip, 20" spun lash, leather thong
dto. DRESSAGE, 32" spun lash, leather thong
07018 CARBON composite
lacquered linen thread cover, leather-grip, spun lash
4-in-hand Combi, CARBON composite, 32" spun lash with leather thong + 4-in-hand lash (imitation), slim super sticky wrapped grip
07015 CARBON composite
cotton thread covered, lacquered, leather-grip with balance weight, 32" spun lash with leather thong
dito., 4-in -hand, 128" lash, Fleck ERGO-Grip

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